Whose Future Is It?

Who will shape the tech future? Which companies, NGOs, governmental organization, and other entities will shape how we use tech, view tech, and consume tech. The biggest impacts on daily lives may lie behind the scenes, not in our daily interactions. Eric and I have a spirited discussion about who will control and define the future of tech. Will it be old school companies like Microsoft and Apple, the new generation of Internet giants such as Google and Facebook, or one of the many burgeoning Asian giants? 


My D500 has made it back from Nikon’s repair depot, which makes me warm and happy. To celebrate, I’m acquiring a Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens to use as a short telephoto and portrait lens. I also take the Surface Pro 4’s inking abilities for a serious spin, using it to take notes at a big tech event, rather than typing out notes or using a physical notebook. I also discuss why I may build my next production PC using something other than an Intel processor.

Eric has a big install weekend coming up and notes that his Oculus Touch controllers have shipped. He’s also finally dives into the deep end of software subscriptions, buying into both Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.


I restarted Dishonored 2, but immediately got distracted by Civilization 6. I’m finally starting to understand some of the new systems in Civ6. Plus, I take on The Division’s new survival mode. On the literary side, Babylon’s Ashes, the sixth novel in The Expanse series quietly showed up on my Kindle, commanding my reading attention.

Oh, and the Case Family has acquired a new member, named Barkley.

Eric’s deeply into the second novel in Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem trilogy, The Dark Forest. He’s also wrapped up Westworld and has a few thoughts. On the gaming front, Eric finally decides it’s time to go for Grim Dawn’s final battle. And as I suspected, he loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the latest Potterverse film.

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