What’s Up With Apple?

Any new product launch from Cupertino generates both positive and negative buzz, Apple’s recent product launches have generated more than the usual amount of controversy. Longtime Apple fans have come out of the woodwork, grumbling more than usual at the changes wrought with the new iPhone and Macbook launches. Does the elevated level of discontent signal Apple has stopped listening to its customers? Or do the new product launches represent omens of future strategies? Eric and I talk argue about what the recent turbulence surrounding Apple really means.


I share a bit about the hardware I use for recording the podcast, including microphones, mixer, headphone amp, and related hardware. I also mention Google’s latest attempt at building a router.

Erik discusses at some length his recent laptop choices. He’s acquiring two different laptops, for different purposes. Which will he use most? Our crystal ball is cloudy. One hint, however: neither of them run MacOS. He also picked up a new bike helmet recently, but it’s no ordinary helmet.


Firaxis just dropped a big update for Civilization 6, adding lots of rebalancing and other goodies. I like what I’ve seen so far, and have spent considerably more time playing Civ6 since the update. Eric reads some books, including that hoary old classic, Hackers, which was written in the mid-80s by a then up-and-coming technology writer named Steven Levy. He’s also revisiting Red Dead Redemption after the recent announcement of the sequel spurred his interest to go back and play the original.


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