Welcome To Uncertainty

IMGP1466Welcome to the new home of the Improbable Insights podcast: Uncertainty

Uncertainty also happens to be my new home on the web. I expect to post regular content updates. Those of you who’ve read my stuff in the past know I tend to focus on tech, photography, and bicycling. You should expect something different this time.

Uncertainty is an apt name. We’ve always lived with uncertainties in our lives. I wanted to add a little bit of uncertainty into my writing, to step beyond how I’ve been defined as a writer in the past. That doesn’t mean I’m abandoning tech. The first post you read later this week will be a pretty prototypical Loyd Case article.

The Improbable Insights podcast is still hosted on libsyn, which is a popular podcast hosting service. Uncertainties will be the home for show notes, descriptions, images, and more. Previously, we’d publish on libsyn, then push the podcast to the site. That limited our ability to publish useful show notes. Now we’ll be publishing the podcast here, and pushing the content to libsyn. That enables us to make shownotes more useful to listeners.

The podcast is hosted by Eric Klein, sometimes David Bryant, ¬†and me. Eric is an early-stage venture capitalist who is a partner at Lemnos Labs. ¬†David is a tech director at Mozilla. I’ve been writing about technology for years, but these days I work as an industry analyst for The Linley Group.

You can find a little more about what Improbable Insights is about by clicking on the Podcast menu item. You can expect the first podcast published here on Wednesday. Wednesdays will also be the regular publishing date for Improbable Insights. If you want to know a little more about me or this blog, click on About.

Comments are currently enabled, but also moderated. You’ll need a login to comment.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope you stick around for the ride.

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