Travel Tools for Tech Geeks

David and Eric spend large swaths of time planning trips, traveling, and seemingly endless time waiting in airports or sitting in airliner seats. We discuss the various tools they use to plan their travel, facilitate the journey, and what they use once they arrive. These range from trip planning sites like TripIt Pro to luggage to actual hardware they consider essential for business travel or vacation trips. Take a listen and benefit from their collective wisdom as you contemplate your next long journey.


I’ve been having fun recently with the Seek Compact thermal camera, shooting images of hot (sometimes¬†really hot) graphics cards when running benchmarks. While we’re talking graphics cards, I just got in AMD’s Radeon RX480, their new midrange GPU based on AMD’s Polaris GPU architecture.

You know those airline carts that flight attendants push up and down the aisles of airplanes as they hand out drinks? Eric buys a used airline cart with the intent of turning it into the ultimate tool cart. Also, Eric Kickstarts the Das Keyboard 5Q, a “cloud connected” mechanical keyboard, breaking his vow to avoid hardware Kickstarters.

While we’re on keyboards, David mentions the Kailh modular keyboard switch, which will allow users to customize keyboards with different types of mechanical switches on different areas of the keyboard. He also mentions Aether Apparel Fall Line jackets and L.L. Bean Mountainside pants, which he likes for on-the-go.


I thought I was done with XCOM2, but then Firaxis goes and delivers two story-based DLCs, so the siren call of tactical turn-based gaming still calls out to me. Also, Orphan Black Season 4 wraps up, while season 5 will be the last season for Clone Club, giving the showrunners ten episodes to wrap up the story arc and give Tatiana Maslany more time to show off her tremendous acting chops. Eric’s finally ready to tackle The Three Body Problem — the science fiction novel, not the thorny physics problem. And he gives one more plug to California¬†Extreme, the all-you-can play pinball and arcade game buffet coming to Santa Clara July 16th.

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