Podcast: The Things that Shaped Us

I’ve often been asked how I became me.

That is, how did I get into tech, how did I happen to write about it, and what were the nerd influences in my life. This happened particularly often when I wrote regularly about tech for mainstream magazines and web sites, but I still get asked this occasionally. So David Bryant, a nerdy geek in his own right, sat down with me and we had a geek love fest. We talked about our history as well as discussing the seminal tech products that actually shaped how we think about tech. We also dive into geek influences, games, literature, and other media. Come along for the ride; I guarantee it’s not just about nostalgia.


So I’m getting a Netgear X6 AC3200 router. I’ll write about this more when I fire it up and run with it for a few weeks. By the same token, I’ve dropped static IP addresses, which seems to be working out well. The eventual goal: replace the Comcast gateway with my own modem. The question: do I go for it now, or wait for DOCSIS 3.1 modems to become commercially available?

I also have a couple of those soda-pop-bottle shaped, stainless-steel insulated bottles. They’re great as generic water bottles, shaped to fit the hand, lighter than a normal thermos, but hold in heat or keep things cold for hours. Once $50, now I get them as swag from various companies and love them.

I’m also giving up my ergonomic keyboard for a few weeks, deciding to try living with a Logitech G810. So far, so good, though I find myself making more typing errors, which seems to be mostly due to slightly different key spacing. I’ll see how my wrists hold up, but the Logitech’s Romer-G switches offer a light feel and just enough tactile feedback.

David discovers that a relatively bog standard Epson V550 flatbed scanner also seems to do a good job scanning slides and film negatives. He also ordered an Ubiquity AC Pro access point and has replaced his different Ethernet switches with TrendNet GigE green switches. He also talks about Lucidchart, an online diagramming app, and his shiny new… crock pot.


So there I was, having a great roaring time in No Man’s Sky when I just… stopped. I try to explain why. We’re all still playing The Division at our LAN parties, and David finds it to be good therapy when he gets home from work. We both talk up some TV we’ve been watching, and David’s prepping for a parachute-in, parachute-out trip to PAX.

Oh, yeah, and go see Kubo and the Two Strings. It’s awesome.


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