The Home Networking Show

Eric, David and I talk about home networking. Or I should say, David and I talk about home networking while Eric decides to build a mini-enterprise network in his house. We discuss gear, wired, WiFi, routers, switches, power line networking,  and services. Home networking has become both easier — as ISPs and hardware makers build easier-to-manage gear — and harder, given the staggering number of choices.


Eric and David discuss some specific hardware they use for home and office networking, in particularly Ubiquiti small business networking appliances. David goes into more detail about his TP-Link power line networking adapters, which use a form of MIMO and beamforming to take advantage of three-wire grounded outlets. I discuss my shiny new carbon fiber handlebars and a the nifty Sunjack mini-lightstick.

Meanwhile, Eric gets a bit excited about small form factor laptops and really, really excited about the Apple Pencil.


More No Man’s Sky, a little Deus Ex: Mankind Divided plus some XCOM2 co-op. Yes, you heard that right, XCOM2 co-op. I also talk about Lindsey Stirling, a “dubstep violinist” whose music is pretty fun, but more interesting is how she represents the new generation of Youtube musicians. I also talk about Lars Brownworth’s Lost to the West, a brief history of the Byzantine empire that reads like A Game of Thrones, only real.

David continues watching Mr. Robot, goes to a Jeff Beck concert, and plays more The Division. Eric and David discuss Drone Club and a few rookie errors they made on their first outing with the DJ12.



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