The Future of the Web

Where is the web going? What technical features coming down the pipe will enhance the experience? What changes in the way we interact with the web (eg, social media), will shape future experiences? Will 3D & VR make significant impacts (it’s been the year of “3D on the web” forever in my memory)? What lies beyond HTML5?

This week we have special guest Martin Best from Mozilla’s platform group, in addition to David Bryant (also with Mozilla), and Eric Klein. We talk about a variety of technologies emerging which will shape the future of the web, including WebGL 2, Web Assembly, WebVR, and more.


I finally find a game which presents a great platform to become a better controller user: Ubisoft’s For Honor. So I dug out by Xbox One controller for the PC and dove in. On the more normal PC input side, I give up on the Logitech G900 mouse and return to… something older and more familar.

Also, AMD’s Ryzen processor is almost here. An interesting blend of high end CPU features — lots of cores — and mainstream CPU capabilities (dual-channel memory, “only” 16 PCIe 3.0 graphics lanes), Ryzen’s price/performance looks like it might shake up the market a bit and give AMD fans an opportunity for rejoicing. We’ll know soon.

Meanwhile, Eric discovers spray painting isn’t just a matter of waving the can around while pressing the nozzle. It’s actually pretty hard. David discusses a neat new tool called Page Shotfor capturing web sites, which Mozilla is letting users test. You’ll need Firefox to use it, natch.

We discover that Martin Best has the best wife ever, since she gave him a VR dev kit for their tenth wedding anniversary. He also discusses stuff you might need in addition to a VR headset to craft VR games.


I got turned on to a neat little Rogue-like called Renowned Explorers: International Society which I picked up on a Steam sale for just $5. It has a pretty cool tactical combat system, which I talk about in some detail. I’ve also been playing For Honor, Ubisoft’s sublimely silly melee combat game where medieval knights, Samurai, and Vikings duke it out on the virtual battlefield.

Oh, and let’s not forget my latest Kickstarter obsession, the new board game from New Zealand’s Weta Digital, GKR: Heavy Hitters.

Eric’s deep into Death’s End, the third book in the Three Body Problem hard SF trilogy. He’s also seen John Wick 2, which he believes anyone with any geek cred should see. Eric’s starting into season one of The Expanse, and it’s growing on him. He’s even getting the books. David and I give him a hearty thumb’s up.

Martin’s been playing StoneHearth, which superficially resembles Minecraft in a medieval setting, but offers a bit more structure in the city building. And he heartily recommends Arizona Sunshine as one of the first really excellent VR games.



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