The Evolving Photographic Pipeline


People shoot literally billions of photographs each day. Whether they know it or not, people use some flavor of the photographic editing pipeline, whether it’s applying a simple Instagram filter or creating elaborate art from their photos in applications such as Photoshop.

Eric, David, and I explore the photographic pipeline — its origins, where we are today, and how we might make it easier in the future, including a lively discussion about how using cameras can become easier.


I tell you exactly why you shouldn’t get a UV filter for your camera lenses, and what you should do instead. I’ve also replaced my general use backpack with something that looks strangely familiar…

David asks about polarizers for camera lenses, including which type would be most useful for his mirrorless A6000. We also discuss what mix of lenses he should take on his upcoming vacation. Meanwhile, Eric would like a better tool to help choose lenses.

Meanwhile Eric is eyeing his Vive, with an eye towards building his VR PC.


My wife and I have started watching The Night Manager, which pits Tom Hiddleston’s idealistic innkeeper against Hugh Laurie’s Machiavellian arms dealer. It’s well written, well shot, and engaging. I also talk about I, Spy, a unique hidden-information game that just misses the mark. I also play a little more Offworld Trading Company, which still looks interesting, but hasn’t quite grabbed me yet.

David discusses one of his favorite podcasts, plus talks about movies he watched on his long flights to and from Europe. Eric, meanwhile, is hitting the finale of Seveneves. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts in a later podcast.

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