The Everyday Carry Podcast

This week’s podcast sees the whole crew revisiting the idea of everyday carry. Eric and David split between “daily” carry — normal workdays, and travel. I work at home, so everyday carry means something a bit different to me, but I also discuss travel carry, as well as what I carry during my almost-daily cycling excursions. As you might imagine, this is a tools-heavy discussion, but the underlying meaning lies in the differences in philosophies about what’s practical versus what’s whimsical, but necessary.


Eric, David, and I talk about our recent experiences with different cars, including David’s encounter with Apple’s CarPlay when renting a car on a recent trip. Meanwhile, Eric decides to rebuild a junked Sony laptop and destroys a Fitbit.

I decide to return the Matias Ergo Pro keyboard I’d been trying out, since it appears to be buggy. And the Hurricane canless air system means I’ll never need to buy a can of compressed air for cleaning electronics again.


It’s more The Division for David, while Eric closes in on the end of XCOM (the first Firaxis reboot version). David reiterates his passion for Mr. Robot, while we all discuss what we’ve been watching during the Rio Olympics coverage.

Oh, and No Man’s Sky seems to be all that and a bag of chips, but only if you’re the obsessive wanderer type of gamer.

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