Going Home: the Nikon D500 DSLR

Welcome to Photography Week at Uncertainty. I’ve been writing about the cameras in my life for several months now, but decided to wrap up the series with two more camera stories, thoughts on photographic workflow, other photographic gear, and the new camera entering my life.  I’ve waxed a little poetic about the Nikon D300 I used for several years. So when Nikon announced the spiritual successor to the D500, I decided to return home. I’d been a Nikon user for…Continue reading Going Home: the Nikon D500 DSLR

Podcast: The Public Cloud

Sometimes revolutions happen in small steps. As more people discover uses for the public cloud, those use cases are steadily redefining the computing landscape. What are some of the long-term implications of the public cloud? Mozilla hardware chief David Bryant and I discuss the public cloud and its impact on the computing landscape. Meaning Dropbox, OneDrive, and similar cloud storage systems gradually convinced users that cloud storage could be almost as seamless as local storage. The operative word is “almost”.…Continue reading Podcast: The Public Cloud