Travel Tools for Tech Geeks

David and Eric spend large swaths of time planning trips, traveling, and seemingly endless time waiting in airports or sitting in airliner seats. We discuss the various tools they use to plan their travel, facilitate the journey, and what they use once they arrive. These range from trip planning sites like TripIt Pro to luggage to actual hardware they consider essential for business travel or vacation trips. Take a listen and benefit from their collective wisdom as you contemplate your…Continue reading Travel Tools for Tech Geeks

Travel Gear for Loyd

Let’s talk road trips! I’m sitting in a hotel room in Austin, Texas as I write this, during after-work time on a business trip. This topic seemed like a timely one. But, I hear you ask, what kind of road trip? Long? Short? Vacation? Business? Good point. Rather than try to address each of these as a separate trip category, I’ll talk about the stuff first, then how I change what I carry depending on length of trip. For me,…Continue reading Travel Gear for Loyd