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More Science in Tech Please

Eric Klein and I have a spirited discussion about how tech reporting and VCs fail to do proper due diligence when it comes to basic science as it pertains to technology topics. We bring up Theranos, crowdfunded artificial gills, UBeam, and other products and companies which fail at basic science. As a VC, Eric agrees, …

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Untrustworthy Numbers: a Troubleshooting Lesson

Corsair H60 Sealed Liquid Cooler

Recently I ran into a weird issue when running some comparative graphics benchmarks which illustrate why you shouldn’t always trust the numbers. The scenario involves graphics cards, a CPU cooler, and why one system’s quirks may affect your attitude about a completely different system. This little puzzle also illustrates how we tend to trust numbers …

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The Endless Game Patching Cycle

Meaning Once upon a time, you’d update a game maybe once or twice in its lifetime. In the new, always-connected world, games are seemingly patched weekly. It’s annoying, but given the social nature of modern gaming, may be necessary? Or is it?  Getting into a game during our Friday night LAN parties can be a …

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Some Tech Haiku

Light blogging today, as work has claimed all my time for the next day or two. So I’ll leave you with a little tech haiku. Shrieking fans bleed the ears Frames rendering, effects expanding Sixty Nine Ninety *** Guns ablaze, I freeze Mouse batteries fade to dark A virtual death *** The green light beckons …

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Podcast: The Inevitable March of Tech

It began with a Tweet from Leslie Carhart about buying Windows 2.0. In that tweet, she included an image of a receipt ca. 1988: Back in 1988, a 40MB hard drive costs a cool $699. Today, you can buy a 2TB SSD for $699 — 50,000x the capacity, and vastly better performance. Meaning That got …

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Keyboards I Have Known

Why have one keyboard when you can have one for each type of task? That’s my approach. Keyboards tend to be very personal choices, but that doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to one keyboard, if you use your personal computer for different tasks. For example, I have two keyboards attached to my production …

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