Social Media Turbulence

  Now that the election is behind us, we’ve seen interesting tidbits about the impact of social media on the election. Whatever your stance on the candidates might be, some of the trends in social are disturbing. One particularly disturbing trend: the traction gained by fake news sites, some simply satirical, others with an axe to grind. Fake news isn’t the only problem with social media. Social media’s original goals of bringing people together may be undermined by algorithmic-driven silos.…Continue reading Social Media Turbulence

The Weird World of Twitter Plagiarism

I use social media casually, posting links to articles I write, content I find interesting, and the occasional funny post. My daily tweet output usually comes in at less than ten, on average. Facebook posts are fewer, mostly related to family stuff (not counting tweets autoposted from Twitter). Occasionally, I’ll retweet something I find pithy or amusing. So a few days ago, I retweeted this tweet. Look how instinctively, the mother croc carries the baby in its mouth. Nature is…Continue reading The Weird World of Twitter Plagiarism