Travel Tools for Tech Geeks

David and Eric spend large swaths of time planning trips, traveling, and seemingly endless time waiting in airports or sitting in airliner seats. We discuss the various tools they use to plan their travel, facilitate the journey, and what they use once they arrive. These range from trip planning sites like TripIt Pro to luggage to actual hardware they consider essential for business travel or vacation trips. Take a listen and benefit from their collective wisdom as you contemplate your…Continue reading Travel Tools for Tech Geeks

Fun With Thermal Imaging and Graphics Cards

I’ve recently been using the Seek Thermal Compact IR camera sensor to shoot photos of graphics cards under load. I received one of this nifty devices after being a beta tester, but it languished on a shelf for months. I recently dug the device out and used it to capture thermal images of graphics card under load. What follows is by no means a rigorous assessment of GPU thermal patterns, but it’s certainly interesting to take a look at what…Continue reading Fun With Thermal Imaging and Graphics Cards