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Derelict, Part II

Here’s the second excerpt from my bit of fiction from 1994. You can read the first part here, if you want to catch up. II When I came to, nothing had changed.  The Glory Road was still drifting within a stone’s throw of the derelict alien ship.  The artifact still lay – or rather, floated …

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Derelict Excerpt

Another bit of fiction. Bear in mind I wrote this back in 1994, so the writing is a bit rough. I’d completely forgotten about it, but it’s actually pretty complete. This is just the first bit, though; the rest will come another time. Derelict: Prologue The planet that would someday be known as Earth drifted …

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There Is Never A Golden Age

If someone tells you about a golden age in some genre, and suggests you should read, watch, or play content from said golden age, you should politely say no and back away slowly. As Peter Graham once said about science fiction, “The golden age of science fiction is twelve.” At age 12, I spent hundreds …

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