Loyd Case

How We Handle Geek Disappointment

Meaning: Disappointment It’s happened to all of us. Something seemingly very cool gets announced. It might be a movie, a game, a new gadget, or just about anything that sets our geek and nerd mouths watering. So we preorder or crowdfund it. When the object of our heart’s desire gets released, we’re crushed with disappointment. If it’s media, it’s just not good, with shoddy writing, mediocre acting, and impenetrable directing. A game promising hours of immersion instead delivers hours of…Continue reading How We Handle Geek Disappointment

The Evolving Photographic Pipeline

Meaning People shoot literally billions of photographs each day. Whether they know it or not, people use some flavor of the photographic editing pipeline, whether it’s applying a simple Instagram filter or creating elaborate art from their photos in applications such as Photoshop. Eric, David, and I explore the photographic pipeline — its origins, where we are today, and how we might make it easier in the future, including a lively discussion about how using cameras can become easier. Tools…Continue reading The Evolving Photographic Pipeline