Podcast: The Things that Shaped Us

I’ve often been asked how I became me. That is, how did I get into tech, how did I happen to write about it, and what were the nerd influences in my life. This happened particularly often when I wrote regularly about tech for mainstream magazines and web sites, but I still get asked this occasionally. So David Bryant, a nerdy geek in his own right, sat down with me and we had a geek love fest. We talked about…Continue reading Podcast: The Things that Shaped Us

The Everyday Carry Podcast

This week’s podcast sees the whole crew revisiting the idea of everyday carry. Eric and David split between “daily” carry — normal workdays, and travel. I work at home, so everyday carry means something a bit different to me, but I also discuss travel carry, as well as what I carry during my almost-daily cycling excursions. As you might imagine, this is a tools-heavy discussion, but the underlying meaning lies in the differences in philosophies about what’s practical versus what’s…Continue reading The Everyday Carry Podcast

Personal Area Networks, ToolORama, and Loads of Fun

Someday, we’ll be surrounded by an invisible network of our own, data constantly streaming into our devices, from our embedded sensors, and from the Internet. Personal Area Network technology seemed to stagnate, but now gets a new lease on life with wearables, connected sensors, and IoT. Eric and I try to make sense of the new PAN revolution. We also talk about a lot of tools, gaming, good books, great television, and not-so-great film. Join us for the ride. Meaning…Continue reading Personal Area Networks, ToolORama, and Loads of Fun