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Today’s Photo: Wet Marching Band

Today’s photo: Marching band in the rain.

Photo of the Day: Dachshund at Rest

Since I’m out for a few days, have another photo.

Nikon D500 and the Quality of Noise

Nikon D500

I’ve been shooting with the Nikon D500 long enough to become comfortable now, though I’m learning something new every time I shoot with it. I bought the D500 because I wanted to return to Nikon, and return to DX shooting, where I’d been most comfortable in the past. However, I also lusted after the low-light …

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My Camera Mistake: Nikon D600

Welcome to Photography Week at Uncertainty. I’ve been writing about the cameras in my life for several months now, but decided to wrap up the series with two more camera stories, thoughts on photographic workflow, other photographic gear, and the new camera entering my life.  File this under “it seemed like a good idea at …

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