Headset or Microphone for Gaming?

Normally, my online gaming jollies get fulfilled during our Friday Night Follies gaming sessions, where we all gather in my basement and play multiplayer games in the same room. Since we can all yell at each other to our hearts’ content, we don’t need headsets or microphones. Lately, I’ve been actually gaming a little more online, and the need for communication has become critical. Last year, I played a lot of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and noticed the lack of…Continue reading Headset or Microphone for Gaming?

Video Games Get Vertical

Video games now permeate society at all age levels and socioeconomic strata. The vast numbers of people playing games creates communities of gamers who live only in their particular gaming niche. Electronic gaming was always a tribal activity, but today’s gaming communities seem more narrowly focused than ever. Online FPS gamers and MOBA players rarely mix or read about the other’s activities. Strategy players live for one more turn, or a few more minutes, RPG aficionados obsess over their characters. Indie…Continue reading Video Games Get Vertical