Improbable Insights Podcast: Should You Buy a Game Console?

Game consoles once ruled the roost when it came to AAA game titles. The major console companies vied for exclusive titles and had unparalleled ease of use.  Consoles even offered performance superior to the best PCs of the day. The PC looked like it would be relegated to more complex strategy games, with the big action games and RPGs taken over by consoles. Economic factors, Moore’s Law, and the incredible gains in PC graphics allowed the PC to catch up.…Continue reading Improbable Insights Podcast: Should You Buy a Game Console?

Managing the Arrow of Time

How we value our time and our use of it can be an indicator of both success in life and how we value others. David, Eric, and I all work at three very different, demanding jobs, each with its own set of demands on time. How do we manage those demands? What meaning do we assign to life events in order to prioritize? What’s our philosophy about time and time management? We share our very different approaches and philosophies. Tools…Continue reading Managing the Arrow of Time

Game Industry Changes and More VR

This week’s podcast focuses on the incredible changes occurring on the hardware side of the game business. Eric Klein and I discuss Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, Xbox One games on Windows 10, Playstation Neo, and more. We also touch on recent developments in VR, including how HTC Vive seems to be winning the PC VR war, Playstation VR, and what the 2016 holiday season might hold in store for VR gear and games. Tools On the tools side, I…Continue reading Game Industry Changes and More VR

Game Developer Conference 2016

The 30th Game Developer Conference wrapped up this week. As expected, we saw a strong emphasis on VR. But there’s a lot of other things happening in game development as well. Meaning Games have become a big business, but gaming has also become a cultural touchstone. The business of creating, designing, writing, and producing games dwarfs Hollywood’s output. Moreover, designers now create games which resonate emotionally. What’s the meaning and role of game development in this increasingly influential new medium?…Continue reading Game Developer Conference 2016

Microsoft and UWP: Iterating Towards Failure?

Microsoft wants to bring the Xbox One into your PC, almost literally. The Universal Windows Platform, or UWP for short, attempts to meld Xbox One and Windows 10 into a single platform for game development. I’m personally all for it as an idea in abstract. Imagine no more half-baked console ports on the PC. Instead, developers design, code, and publish their games without worrying (too much) about the targeted platform. On the technical front, UWP looks promising. Before I discuss…Continue reading Microsoft and UWP: Iterating Towards Failure?

The Future Of Benchmarks

Early in my technology writing career, I found myself standing in the graphics card aisle of a major computer superstore, contemplating the raft of 3D accelerators available. I noticed this guy walk in, carrying a Computer Gaming World magazine, back in that publication’s heyday. He had the magazine turned to the my most recent roundup of 3D graphics card. So I waited and watched. He walked up and down the row of cards, stacked on eight-foot high shelves. He would…Continue reading The Future Of Benchmarks