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Playing with the Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 Art Lens

I recently acquired a Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 zoom lens, part of the company’s Art lens series. At first blush, a 2x zoom ratio seems pretty limited, but two things set this Sigma apart from other zooms. The first is the optical quality, which is outstanding. The second is the f1.8 maximum aperture, which can be …

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My D500 Lens Kit

Now that I’ve returned to the world of Nikon APS-C format sensors, I need a reasonably good lens kit. I don’t require the big, fast glass I used when I shot full-frame. Back then, I’d carry a Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, and sometimes a 16-35 f/4. Toss in a full-frame body, and you have …

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