Augmented Reality: Where the Money Is

Pokemon Go is the canary in the coal mine. VR may be cool, and may be more immersive, but even primitive augmented reality apps will generate vast sources of revenue. Some might argue that Pokemon Go isn’t “true” augmented reality, but that’s picking its.  So is Pokemon Go a one-off, or a harbinger of things to come? Join Eric Klein, David Bryant, and me in a spirited discussion of whether Pokemon Go will launch a thousand new AR ships, and…Continue reading Augmented Reality: Where the Money Is

Analyzing Kickstarted Board Games

I’ve bought into more than my fair share of board games on Kickstarter. I’ve begun to back off on using Kickstarter, except for relatively known companies or developers. Just for kicks, and went back and analyzed the board game Kickstarters I’ve been involved with, to check out who’s delivered, who hasn’t delivered, and how long some of the deliveries took. I’m not discussing the quality of the bits or the gameplay, just how well the companies did when it came…Continue reading Analyzing Kickstarted Board Games

Board Game Kickstarters That Delivered

Eric Klein and I have lamented on the podcast that hardware Kickstarters often show up extremely late, or fail to deliver. I’ve cut back on Kickstarter quite a bit, but still help fund the occasional board game. I’ve been disappointed on occasion, mostly due to over eagerness or improper expectations, but my delivery ratio has been pretty high. With one exception, every game I’ve Kickstarted has delivered — sometimes quite late, but delivered nonetheless. By my count I’ve helped crowdfund…Continue reading Board Game Kickstarters That Delivered