Loyd’s Somewhat Dubious iPhone Adventure

I am now the proud somewhat sheepish owner of an iPhone 6s+. It all began when my wife, Jan, broke her iPhone 5. The aging iPhone 5 had already been acting finicky, including shortened battery life. It also would sometimes fail to issue an audio tone for notifications, causing her to miss text messages. We initially thought she’d just left it in “do not disturb” mode, but it also happened with the phone in full-on ring mode. So we decided to…Continue reading Loyd’s Somewhat Dubious iPhone Adventure

QLite Pro: Mobile Phone Ring Light

I’m a terrible photographer. Okay, maybe not terrible. Give me a decent DSLR or my mirrorless Olympus OM-D EM-1, and I’m actually pretty good. But when it comes to photography with a mobile phone, I’m pretty much inept. It’s partly because I keep switching camera phone apps, and partly because I’m used to the more forgiving nature of larger sensors and better lenses. I generally like shooting with ambient light, and rarely use flash or external lighting, except for product photography in…Continue reading QLite Pro: Mobile Phone Ring Light