Improbable Insights Podcast: The IoT Invasion

Download MP3 We’re back! I’ve been experimenting with formats. Let me know what you think, either in the comment section of or by email at The IoT Invasion It’s been a year since David, Eric, and I talked about IoT. Since then, the Internet of Things has been growing by leaps and bounds, particularly in the consumer space. As mainstream companies jump on the IoT bandwagon, we’ve seen some really cool stuff come along as well as the…Continue reading Improbable Insights Podcast: The IoT Invasion

Podcast from the Past: The Internet of Things

This week’s podcast is actually a blast from the past, since we didn’t record a podcast last week due to travel on my part. Given all the recent problems with IoT botnets, I thought it would be interesting to replay our IoT podcast from early 2015. Let’s just say we were pretty naive back then. We’ll be back next week with a fresh podcast. Thanks for listening!

The Ugly Side of Always On

A Medium post by Arlo Gilbert about Google’s decision to shut down the Revolv home automation hub went viral recently. Google’s Nest division bought Revolv 18 months prior. However, the company decided that part of the shutting down the service including bricking perfectly good, working hardware. Meaning The era of always-connected, always-on introduces a new set of headaches for users of said services. It’s one thing when a service goes offline, but another thing completely when a product associated with…Continue reading The Ugly Side of Always On