Managing the Arrow of Time

How we value our time and our use of it can be an indicator of both success in life and how we value others. David, Eric, and I all work at three very different, demanding jobs, each with its own set of demands on time. How do we manage those demands? What meaning do we assign to life events in order to prioritize? What’s our philosophy about time and time management? We share our very different approaches and philosophies. Tools…Continue reading Managing the Arrow of Time

Game Industry Changes and More VR

This week’s podcast focuses on the incredible changes occurring on the hardware side of the game business. Eric Klein and I discuss Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, Xbox One games on Windows 10, Playstation Neo, and more. We also touch on recent developments in VR, including how HTC Vive seems to be winning the PC VR war, Playstation VR, and what the 2016 holiday season might hold in store for VR gear and games. Tools On the tools side, I…Continue reading Game Industry Changes and More VR

HTC Vive First Impressions

The enormous box containing the HTC Vive arrived. Out on a bike ride, I nearly missed the delivery, but the caught the Fedex driver just as he left the “signature required” note on my door. The HTC Vive shipped in a box that resembled a giant mobile phone package — befitting its HTC roots, I suppose. I’m not writing a lengthy review; there are already a bevy of good reviews out on the webiverse. Consider this my personal take, a return…Continue reading HTC Vive First Impressions

No Rest for the Weary

I’m sitting at my desk, participating in a work-related teleconference, surrounded by a hot mess of new hardware and board games. I’m still recovering from my weekend of board gaming. However, there’s no rest for the weary. The past 48 hours included non-stop activity, including: I’ve set up a nifty new bike accessory, the Fly 12, a combo high-intensity bike light and action camera.  The Fly 12 offers up to 400 lumens, though in my first ride, I toned the…Continue reading No Rest for the Weary

Beyond Today’s VR Gear

Let’s take a break for photography for a day, though this topic is peripherally related, as we do mention VR cameras briefly. Oh, yeah, and my Nikon D500 should be in my hot little hands by the time this posts. So we’ve got a bit about photography in our Tools discussion. Meaning People are receiving their first wave units of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But what’s next for virtual reality? Will the hype and interest hold on long…Continue reading Beyond Today’s VR Gear