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The State of the PC: 2017

The personal computer evolution seems to be slowing. Apple seems to be ignoring high-end customers, 2-in-1 designs are proliferating, and the desktop PC stagnates. On the OS side, MacOS seems to be stagnating and Windows continues to be overly intrusive. What’s going to happen to the PC going forward? Eric, David, and I discuss happenings …

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HDR: The Eyes Have It

Graphics technology seeks to emulate the real world. Approaches like VR and 3D rendering emulate how we see in all dimensions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) tries to emulate the range of luminance our eyes handle every day in real life. True HDR may be the most significant display advancement in the last decade — certainly …

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I Should Have Kept my Nikon D800

The Nikon D800 I owned turned out to be a perfect lesson about learning to be happy with what you have. The D800 is the camera I should have kept. I decided to make the leap to full-frame DSLRs with the Nikon D800. I’d been shooting with the Nikon D7000, an APS-C sensor body (Nikon calls …

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