Can AMD Stay In The Game?

You have to give AMD credit for persistence. The company’s stock price is in the tank, at under $2 per share. Total revenue for calendar year 2015 came in at under $4 billion, a pretty big drop over 2014. Yet AMD continues to motor along, recently announcing its next generation Polaris GPU architecture and working diligently to bring its Zen processor by the end of the year. What about today? If you’re in the market for a new gaming PC,…Continue reading Can AMD Stay In The Game?

To Extreme Or Not To Extreme?

I voluntarily cut the memory bandwidth in my production PC in half. My recently replaced production system consisted of a Core-i7-5930K Haswell Extreme processor and 32GB of DDR4 DRAM running at 2133MHz effective, installed onto a Gigabyte X99-UD5-WiFi motherboard. That translates to a peak memory bandwidth of 68GB per second. The processor clocked at a stock 3.5GHz (3.70GHz turbo boost), with a TDP of 140W — a hefty power draw by today’s standards. The system also include an Nvidia GTX…Continue reading To Extreme Or Not To Extreme?