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These Are My People, Not Characters

How attached do you get to your game characters? I’m speaking specifically about games which allow you to customize your characters, not about characters with predetermined names and histories (sorry, Lara Croft). That most often means RPGs, though I’ve recently become pretty attached to my XCOM2 team. I often don’t see game characters as somehow …

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A Weekend of Boardgames

My daughter and I escaped to Dundracon 40 this past holiday weekend for several days of pure board game bliss. Dundracon 40 happens to be the longest-running tabletop gaming con on the west coast; it even sports its own Wikipedia entry. Despite its age, Dundracon remains a small, local convention. The con currently holds sway …

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Co-op Done Right: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is not a great game. The story is impenetrable nonsense, for one. The game does add some neat science fiction elements (killer robots! cyborg augmentation!), but the game plays pretty much like other current generation military shooters. What the game gets just about perfectly, however, is co-op. Our Friday …

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The Itty Bitty Gaming PC

I’ve attempted to build small form factor gaming PCs over the years — anyone remember the tiny boxes Shuttle sold, complete with proprietary motherboards and power supplies? Those never lasted long, mostly because the anemic PSUs would eventually fail trying to deliver power to high end CPUs and graphics cards. Today, we’ve got a plethora …

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Give Me My 21:9 Games!

You’re looking at my primary monitor. It’s a Dell Ultrasharp U3415W. I use this for most of my daily work. Off to the side is an LG 4K display I use for occasional video or photography work, but the U3415W is my workhorse. I’ve been skeptical about these super wide-screen displays because they bring together …

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Keyboards I Have Known

Why have one keyboard when you can have one for each type of task? That’s my approach. Keyboards tend to be very personal choices, but that doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to one keyboard, if you use your personal computer for different tasks. For example, I have two keyboards attached to my production …

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