Building The Itty-Bitty Gaming PC

As I noted in yesterday’s post, building a tiny PC is all about the order of parts installation. Choose the wrong build order, and you end up taking it all apart and starting over again.ย First installing the power supply, motherboard, memory, and CPU turned out to be a no-brainer. Adding the graphics card, SSD, and optical drive turns out to be a little trickier. Finally, using a sealed liquid cooler in this case just adds to the challenge. Oh, and…Continue reading Building The Itty-Bitty Gaming PC

The Itty Bitty Gaming PC

I’ve attempted to build small form factor gaming PCs over the years — anyone remember the tiny boxes Shuttle sold, complete with proprietary motherboards and power supplies? Those never lasted long, mostly because the anemic PSUs would eventually fail trying to deliver power to high end CPUs and graphics cards. Today, we’ve got a plethora of mini-ITX motherboards, making it easier to build tiny, but full-featured PCs. I’ve built several PCs using mini-ITX motherboards, but none have been particularly small…Continue reading The Itty Bitty Gaming PC