It All Happened Before: the 3D Revolution

I stood on the threshold of the hotel room in April, 1995. Mike Weksler, then technical editor of Computer Gaming World, pushed me gently into the room. We’d just crashed the private suite of a secretive company developing a new type of chip to accelerate 3D graphics for home PCs. The company’s name: Rendition. What I saw took my breath away. A scene from Paypyrus Design Group’s NASCAR Racing game looped on a PC screen, showing a ย stock car rolling…Continue reading It All Happened Before: the 3D Revolution

The Lady In White

The lady in white appeared on the snowy slope, maybe 30 feet away, maybe 300 feet. The swirling snow and fog brought contrast down to almost zero, which made distance estimation chancy at best. Despite losing my glasses in the snowy wasteland behind me, I could make her out perfectly: a woman, dressed in a long white dress, with pale face and almost white hair. She beckoned to me, as if to say, come to me, it’s safe and warm…Continue reading The Lady In White

What It Means To Be An Early Adopter

Nathan Edwards, once an editor at Maximum PC, put up a tweet recently that almost read like a Zen koan: “*buys a thing* this is great, now i’ll be happy [six months later] all my things are making me sad *gets rid of things* i need new things” It’s possible Nathan was talking about consumerism in general, but that’s about an apt a description of the early adopter cycle as I’ve ever seen. Eric Klein and I use Nathan’s bit…Continue reading What It Means To Be An Early Adopter