Bontrager Isocore Carbon Fiber Handlebars

As I get older, my body aches more. After a recent physical, my doctor asked me how often I took ibuprofen. When I replied, “daily”, she asked me why. Because, I told her, I never have a day where I don’t ache somewhere. The most recent aches and pains come in the form of a persistently sore left rotator cuff. The rotator cuff, as the name implies, is the main socket which allows your arm to rotate, do windmills, and…Continue reading Bontrager Isocore Carbon Fiber Handlebars

Bicycles in My Life: Trek Domane 5.2

The Domane 5.2 is my go-to bike for daily riding. I love this bike. If the two different color schemes confuses you, that’s okay. I do not own two Domane 5.2s. I rode the 2013 red-and-white Domane about a year, from Fall 2013 until late summer 2014.Β It me itsΒ demise in a traffic accident in 2014, which put me out of action for six weeks with a busted rib. The insurance settlement from the accident paid for the black Domane 5.2…Continue reading Bicycles in My Life: Trek Domane 5.2

The Wheels That Keep Me Rolling

When you buy a bicycle, it typically comes with wheels. Unless you’re buying a super-expensive racing bike, or a custom build where you spec out all the gear, the wheels you get with the bike are OEM wheels. They’re typically pretty average wheels, even for relatively pricey bikes. Even if you’re something of a duffer like me, wheels can make a big difference in ride quality. If I were to draw an analogy to PC tech, buying a good set…Continue reading The Wheels That Keep Me Rolling