Never Too Much RAM

Some of my friends and online acquaintances tease me about my memory fetish. Right now, my main production system runs on an Intel Core i7-6700K with 32GB of DDR4 in the form of four 8GB Corsair low profile DDR4 modules. Although I run Photoshop and Audacity pretty often, I don’t do much video editing, and I certainly don’t build software. My work mainly consists of writing technology analysis articles. Oh, and I also use this system for gaming. So why…Continue reading Never Too Much RAM

Building The Itty-Bitty Gaming PC

As I noted in yesterday’s post, building a tiny PC is all about the order of parts installation. Choose the wrong build order, and you end up taking it all apart and starting over again.ย First installing the power supply, motherboard, memory, and CPU turned out to be a no-brainer. Adding the graphics card, SSD, and optical drive turns out to be a little trickier. Finally, using a sealed liquid cooler in this case just adds to the challenge. Oh, and…Continue reading Building The Itty-Bitty Gaming PC

To Extreme Or Not To Extreme?

I voluntarily cut the memory bandwidth in my production PC in half. My recently replaced production system consisted of a Core-i7-5930K Haswell Extreme processor and 32GB of DDR4 DRAM running at 2133MHz effective, installed onto a Gigabyte X99-UD5-WiFi motherboard. That translates to a peak memory bandwidth of 68GB per second. The processor clocked at a stock 3.5GHz (3.70GHz turbo boost), with a TDP of 140W — a hefty power draw by today’s standards. The system also include an Nvidia GTX…Continue reading To Extreme Or Not To Extreme?