Inspirations from Science Fiction

Elizabeth Case joins me this week as we talk about ideas from science fiction that have inspired us in our daily lives. Science fiction has been about “what happens if…” — but what we often forget is that it’s also about “what happens to people if…” We’d like to share some ideas from science fiction that inspired us in different ways — not always positive inspirations, to be sure, but inspirations that sent us in a (we hope) positive direction.  We…Continue reading Inspirations from Science Fiction

Nikon D500

D500 Down!

  Ugh. So this happened. See that large dent in the pentaprism housing (aka the “CVR-VF cover” according to Nikon)? The damage occurred when the D500 detached from the Luma Loop 3 sling I had attached to the camera. I could blame Luma Loop, but this was at least partly my fault. The loop attaches to the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera. I normally have a Really Right Stuff ball head quick release plate on the camera…Continue reading D500 Down!

The Insanely Fast Nikon D500 Autofocus

I’ve used a variety of digital SLRs over the years in a seemingly endless quest to capture my daughters in action. Whether indoor sports (volleyball), nighttime marching band, or winter guard inside dimly lit gyms, I believed I fought for better low-light captures. Each camera body upgrade and better quality lens netted slightly better image quality in low light. I was so, so wrong about my photographic priorities. I wrote about the D500’s impressive ability to minimize noise in an…Continue reading The Insanely Fast Nikon D500 Autofocus

My D500 Lens Kit

Now that I’ve returned to the world of Nikon APS-C format sensors, I need a reasonably good lens kit. I don’t require the big, fast glass I used when I shot full-frame. Back then, I’d carry a Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, and sometimes a 16-35 f/4. Toss in a full-frame body, and you have a bulky, heavy setup. On the other hand, I want reasonably good glass. I’m willing to trade off some speed for weight, given the high-ISO…Continue reading My D500 Lens Kit

Podcast: The Public Cloud

Sometimes revolutions happen in small steps. As more people discover uses for the public cloud, those use cases are steadily redefining the computing landscape. What are some of the long-term implications of the public cloud? Mozilla hardware chief David Bryant and I discuss the public cloud and its impact on the computing landscape. Meaning Dropbox, OneDrive, and similar cloud storage systems gradually convinced users that cloud storage could be almost as seamless as local storage. The operative word is “almost”.…Continue reading Podcast: The Public Cloud