The Road to Cycling Recovery Lies Inside My Office

I love cycling on my Trek Domane road bike. Cycling’s been a little limited lately, though. I wrote a few weeks back about my recent surgical experience. Removing a prostate, even when using less invasive methods, still means serious abdominal surgery. That meant three to four weeks of physical inactivity —  particularly riding. I vowed prior to the surgery, however, that I’d be back in the saddle within a few weeks. I knew I couldn’t just hop on the bike…Continue reading The Road to Cycling Recovery Lies Inside My Office

Cool Stuff and #FAILs at the 2017 CES

The annual CES (don’t call it the Consumer Electronics Show!) just wrapped up in Las Vegas. Eric Klein and I talk about what looked cool, what looked lame, and whether or not a massive, unfocused show like CES really has any meaning. What was geek-worthy? What stuff was ridiculous? What’s Alexa up to these days? Will we ever get untethered VR? What are we looking forward to? Maybe this year’s CES trend was no trend at all? Tools I go…Continue reading Cool Stuff and #FAILs at the 2017 CES

Bontrager Isocore Carbon Fiber Handlebars

As I get older, my body aches more. After a recent physical, my doctor asked me how often I took ibuprofen. When I replied, “daily”, she asked me why. Because, I told her, I never have a day where I don’t ache somewhere. The most recent aches and pains come in the form of a persistently sore left rotator cuff. The rotator cuff, as the name implies, is the main socket which allows your arm to rotate, do windmills, and…Continue reading Bontrager Isocore Carbon Fiber Handlebars

An Ode to My Brooks B17

I love my sleek, modern carbon-frame bike. I’ve got a Garmin cycling computer  and a heart rate monitor, both of which I use religiously when I ride. I upgraded the wheels on my Trek Domane 5.2 to carbon-fiber Shimano C24 wheels. I wear cycling clothing, a current-generation MIPS-based cycling helmet, and use clipless pedals. When it comes to bicycle saddles, though, I’m decidedly old-school. I discovered Brooks saddles quite by accident — the bike I rode everywhere as a college…Continue reading An Ode to My Brooks B17

Don’t Call Me a Cyclist

I enjoy riding my road bike. I’ve got an excellent Trek Domane 5.2 carbon fiber road bike. You can find me a few days a week, spinning along the roads in Silicon Valley and up the Peninsula. I even wear spandex cycling gear, which I suppose technically makes me a MAMIL. But I’m not a cyclist. At least, I’m not a cyclist according to some purists. And that’s okay by me. Why am I not a cyclist? I don’t shave…Continue reading Don’t Call Me a Cyclist

The Not Quite Gravel Bike: Trek Domane 4.3 Disc

I bought this bike as a backup for my primary bike, which is a Trek Domane 5.2. I viewed Domane 4.3 Disc as a winter bike, which means mostly rain here in Northern California. The disc brakes and ability to handle bigger tires appealed to me. Of course, I can never leave well enough alone, so upgraded several key components. The wheels, in particular, seemed heavy and clunky, so I replaced those with a set of Bontrager Affinity Pro TLRs.…Continue reading The Not Quite Gravel Bike: Trek Domane 4.3 Disc

Fly12 Bike Light and Action Cam

Australian company Cycliq made a name for itself with the Fly6, its first Kickstarter project, a rear taillight and video camera combo for bicycles. The Fly6 didn’t work for me because of the need to mount the device on a seat post, which would have meant going without my seat bag. Still, the idea of a safety-oriented video camera with onboard lighting looked like a good one. The Fly6 proved quite successful, garnering positive reviews and selling fairly well, even…Continue reading Fly12 Bike Light and Action Cam

Bicycles in My Life: Trek Domane 5.2

The Domane 5.2 is my go-to bike for daily riding. I love this bike. If the two different color schemes confuses you, that’s okay. I do not own two Domane 5.2s. I rode the 2013 red-and-white Domane about a year, from Fall 2013 until late summer 2014. It me its demise in a traffic accident in 2014, which put me out of action for six weeks with a busted rib. The insurance settlement from the accident paid for the black Domane 5.2…Continue reading Bicycles in My Life: Trek Domane 5.2