Trek Domane SL6 Disc First Rides

Before I talk about my shiny new Domane SL6 Disc, I need to talk a bit about my cycling and a bit about my old bike. I love to ride, but I have a fragile back, particularly the upper back and lower neck. It’s likely due to years of distance running and crappy posture. In addition to an easily-angered upper back, my left shoulder gets sore easily due to some deterioration of the rotator cuff because of multiple separated shoulder incidents…Continue reading Trek Domane SL6 Disc First Rides

Fly12 Bike Light and Action Cam

Australian company Cycliq made a name for itself with the Fly6, its first Kickstarter project, a rear taillight and video camera combo for bicycles. The Fly6 didn’t work for me because of the need to mount the device on a seat post, which would have meant going without my seat bag. Still, the idea of a safety-oriented video camera with onboard lighting looked like a good one. The Fly6 proved quite successful, garnering positive reviews and selling fairly well, even…Continue reading Fly12 Bike Light and Action Cam

Ride a Bike, Wear a Helmet

It’s near the end of May, 2016, as I write this. Emily Case, my younger daughter, graduates from U.C. Santa Cruz on June 12th. She’s prepping for graduate school, entering a Ph.D. program in archaeology at Arizona State University. But for a brief time in 2014, I wasn’t sure this would happen. I wasn’t even sure she’d live through a catastrophic accident resulting in traumatic brain injury. She recovered amazingly quickly, and persevered, returning to college the quarter following the…Continue reading Ride a Bike, Wear a Helmet

The Bicycles In My Life: Lynskey Viale

I owned and rode a Lynskey Viale titanium-frame bicycle for six months. That six months taught me a valuable lesson about something I call “the hubris of experience”. As you move up the learning curve in any endeavor, you can reach a level of competence where you believe you know more than you really know. Think of it as an offshoot of the Dunning-Kruger effect. In my case, I’d become familiar with bicycle geometries that worked well for me, so…Continue reading The Bicycles In My Life: Lynskey Viale