Summer Tech Cornucopia Podcast: Threadripper and More

Welcome to the Improbable Insights Podcast Summer Tech Cornucopia!

Tech cornucopias are podcasts in which we catch up on some tech news and gear of interest. These are delicious, bite-sized chunks of information, rather than the single-topic focus of most of our episodes. We talk about AMD’s Threadripper CPUs and Vega GPUs. We also cover cordless mice, Nvidia’s Volta, the end of Flash, and Apple.

Tools and Fun

I recently tripled my Internet speeds and dropped the monthly cost simply be talking to a Comcast rep on the phone. I also experimented with shooting video with the Nikon D500 and wrapped up XCOM2: The Long War 2 mod and discuss how it could have been improved.  I’ve also been playing Pyre, a weird fantasy RPG by the creators of Bastion, in which combat is handled via a basketball-like game. I also give a shoutout to a cool history podcast, TV, and books I’m reading.

David goes into what he uncovered at the Disney D23 expo, saw Atomic Blonde, and more about how he’s prepping for the upcoming total solar ecllpse. Plus more Diablo III and a bit of Mr. Robot.

Download MP3

Download MP3

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