Podcast: The Board Gaming Explosion

Our recent PAX podcast got me thinking about how relatively wonky, hobbyist board games have penetrated the mainstream. So this podcast focuses on the second big explosion in board gaming (the first occurring in the late 90s).  This isn’t a discussion about specific games, but how board games (and even tabletop RPGs) have penetrated the public consciousness. Let’s roll some dice!

I launch the discussion by listing some tidbits, such as Riot Games (of League of Legends fame) launching its first board game, how Asmodee generates substantial revenues for its parent company, and how co-op board games and new themes have captured the imagination of a new generation of board gamers. Eric, David, and I then launch into a discussion of what all this means and what the future might hold.


I recently got a new pair of glasses. This seemingly prosaic acquisition made me realize how important properly corrected vision is. My old glasses began giving me headaches, and I felt incredibly fatigued by day’s end. I also note that LG has begun shipping its massive, 38-inch, 21:9-ish display, offering 3840 x 1600 pixel resolution. Drool.

Eric’s looking for new bike lights now that autumn has arrived. Does he simply get brighter lights, or does he go for something higher tech, like Bontrager’s new Transmitr remote controlled bike lights? Plus, he breaks his own rule and jumps into two new hardware Kickstarters. Eric also thinks about acquiring an iPhone 7, waxes lyrical about this luxurious Teforia tea infuser, and thinks he might want a Chevy Bold.

David’s still researching PC displays; experimenting with a WQHD 27-inch monitor borrowed from Eric has been encouraging. He also mentions Google Pixel, Evernote, and a very simple, but highly useful tool.


I’ve been reading a lot of new graphic novels, including Lazarus, Copperhead, and Injection, which I discuss at some length. I also watch a lot of the new TV series, liking some, and others not so much. Eric’s gotten back into Grim Dawn, while David jumps feet first into the public test server for The Division’s upcoming massive 1.4 patch. And, of course, he finally catches up with the season finale of Mr. Robot.

And there’s more; check out the podcast for all the geeky goodness.


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