Podcast: PAX and its Meaning

Eric and David go to PAX, the gamer culture con hosted in Seattle the first weekend in September. They come back brimming with stories of cool games, cool gear, and cool experiences. While gaming remains the main focus, hardware vendors now show up in force, with the latest game-related gear. Both Eric and David offer tips for a fruitful and fun PAX experience.


Did you buy a 4GB GTX 970? Go get your refund! The GTX 970’s architecture resulted in a quasi-segmented approach to memory, which resulted in a 3.5GB pool and a 0.5GB pool of RAM, compromising performance when games needed more than 3.5GB. A class action lawsuit netted a $30 refund for people who bought a GTX 970, so you should collect yours. I also talk about more prosaic things, like toilet feed shutoff valves and hot milk frothers.

The three of us discuss our experiences with iOS 10, and Eric likes what he sees with Apple Watch OS 3, which also dropped recently. David also waxes lyrical about the Van’s Shoe Customizer and a 12V car battery charger.


If you’re looking for a different kind of game, which emphasizes exploration and offers more down-to-earth motivations, check out Submerged. A young woman living in a post-global-warming world search through a partially submerged city looking for necessities as well as medicine needed to save her ailing brother. But things get a little weird along the way… Submerged is available on console, PC (via Steam), and iOS.

I bought an astonishingly realistic, 1/6th scale Rey action figure through Sideshow Collectibles, but the amount of stuff in the box looks intimidating. I also played several excellent board games, including Blood Rage and Mystic ValeBoth are well worth checking out.

Eric went on a buying binge, picking up Red Dead Redemption, XCOM2, and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. David’s become enamored of the new hotness called Typoman, a side-scrolling adventure gaming making clever use of text. He’s also finally started reading Seveneves...

All three of us also attended the last Tech Flea Market at DeAnza College, and share what we discovered.

Finally, I leave you with a video. It’s a featurette about Mad Max: Fury Road, which shows unbelievable action shots without any CGI. Astonishing.


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