Podcast: Deep Learning

We’re joined this week by special guest Scott Gardner, who leads a small chip company which is trying to deliver a vision computing processor. Scott has some expertise in convolutional neural networks and deep learning, two areas which mesh with vision processing in automotive ADAS and other image recognition applications.

Deep learning combines big data with new AI techniques based on neural networks. Deep learning uses convolutional neural networks, which applies convolution functions to the decision trees of neural networks in order to identify images. As a test of AI, it’s pretty cool. But car makers, law enforcement, and medical researchers are looking at CNNs as a way to identify objects or people in ways that may seriously affect lives of real people.

We also talk about other possible uses for CNNs and deep learning. These technologies are currently one of the hot topics in the tech world. What will CNN and deep learning mean for all of us going forward?


Yeah, so I jump on the Ubiquiti bandwagon, adding an Ubituiti AC Pro to an upstairs room. Now I swear my tablet and phone make a “whooshing” sound whenever I connect to the net. I also talk about a failed experiment (which only cost me six bucks), a four-port USB charger that’s barely larger than a single-port charger. But one outcome is a cool tool that measures current and voltage output from a USB charger.

I also talk about the Apple Watch 2, Zero Audio Carbo Tenore in-ear monitors, and Samsung’s 2TB NVMe SSD. Eric’s also been thinking about the Apple Watch 2, but most of his tool time has been consumed as he brings up his Shapenoko CNC wood cutter. David installs his Ubiquiti AC Pro, digs a little deeper into iOS 10, and discovers not all tech can be salvaged, even when it’s in good working condition. Scott talks about going all-in on Chromecaset, and what happened when he tried to repair his positively ancient Marantz receiver.

And we all preordered Amazon Dots, rev 2. Well, except Scott.


My XCOM2 legendary campaign is drawing towards its conclusion, and it’s been a fun ride. Kudos to the Long War team for the Long War Perks Pack and Long War Toolbox, which made what could have been a long slog great fun. I discover Disney Infinity Star Wars figures look really neat, so I picked up a few even though I don’t play the now-canceled game.

Oh, and you all should be watching The Good Place, Kristen Bell’s latest foray into television. It’s funny, yet makes you think a bit, always a good combination.

David continues soldiering on with The Division, really getting hyper-focused on min-maxing his loadouts. But the upcoming 1.4 patch will likely change everything. On the passive entertainment side, he’s got the season 2 finale of Mr. Robot queued up and watched a ton of Rick and Morty on a recent trip. Eric’s been binge watching Daredevil season one, and loves it to death. Scott was an early backer of Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar MMO, but so far has only furnished his house…



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