Podcast: David and I Ask “Why?”

When you were a kid, you probably found it useful and annoying to keep asking your parents the question “Why?”

David and I ask that question in today’s podcast regarding some of our choices in tech and related matters. We wanted to dig into our assumptions about what we use. It’s easy to become too comfortable with the familiar, and understanding why you choose something can sometimes open up your eyes to other options. So come along for the ride as we ask each other, “Why?”.


I talk about USB hub problems, and whether or not a new hub might fix them. I also discuss a new wired Ethernet standard that works over copper wire prevalent in most home and business Ethernet configurations.

David talks up his experiences in a class on building printed circuit boards, including a couple of actual projects, physical tools needed, and emerging software tools targeted at makers and hobbyists. He also mentions that Razer is working on a new voice comms app for gaming.


I wrap up my XCOM2 Legendary campaign. While I had great fun playing it, I think it’s time to put XCOM2 on the shelf for a bit. While waiting for newer games for solo play, I decide to fire up Grim Dawn for a bit. But Civilization 6 looms on the event horizon. WAIT WHAT’S THIS GEARS OF WAR 4 THING I’VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT?

I also watch more TV, so you don’t have to. The new TV trope seems to be time travel and its dire consequences. We have no less than four time travel shows on various networks now, plus several more on the streaming services. And time travel seems to leak into other shows as well. Where will it all go?

David has been hooked on the recent baseball playoffs, but takes more time to explore The Division 1.4 patch test servers. He also talks about new music he likes.

I’ll leave you with the trailer for the new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer. The game may be ho-hum, the the SWOTR team sure does some sweet story trailers.

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