Personal Sports Technology, Today and Tomorrow

Just a quick post to get the podcast up this week, as I’m slammed with work. Eric and I discuss, debate, and argue the merits of various tech tools for tracking fitness. What we both agree on: future fitness tools need better context, and better support for exercise psychology, not just raw fitness data.

On the tools side, I’m thinking about replacing my current Scosche dedicated heart rate monitor with a smartwatch which integrates the HR monitor. I’m currently looking at the Garmin VivoActive HR, hoping for something a little less fiddly and more accurate.

I’m also benchmarking Nvidia’s new GTX 1060, which competes with AMD’s Radeon RX480, but no firm conclusions yet. The eVGA card I received is pretty compact, though, and would make for a nice GPU in a mini-ITX system.

Finally, I buy a car battery — not a battery for the car itself, but a jump-start battery. These compact batteries replace the age-old jumper cables, allowing you to jump a car with a dead battery without needing another car. Pretty neat.

Meanwhile, Eric upgrades his remaining systems to Windows 10, is still working on his CNC machine, and wrapping up his project in which he’s wiring his house with CAT6. I bring up the inevitable question: why isn’t 10gbps Ethernet cheaper by now?

On the fun side, more XCOM2, a little Star Trek Beyond, and XCOM1 (in Eric’s case).

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  1. Eric was looking for a coop turn based tactical game. Divinity Original Sin is the answer. The beginning of the game is a little heavy on on talking to NPCs in a town, but the bulk of the game is deep tactical fights.

    You each start with one character and will eventually recruit another so you’ll each have two.

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