PC Graphics Update: Nvidia GTX 1080

The GTX 1080 now resides in one of the PCs in the lab and continues to impress. Stellar game performance at reasonable power and noise levels make for a great gaming experience. Graphics clearly drives the PC now, more so that CPUs. What does that mean for the PC, and what does GTX 1080’s level of graphics performance mean for PC gaming? David Bryant and I discuss these topics in detail.

On the tools side, I talk about tools in a very literal since, just getting in iFixit’s nifty toolkit. Also, if you remember David’s nifty MagicForce compact keyboard from several weeks ago? Rosewill just offered a similar keyboard, with slightly noisier Cherry MX Blue mechanical keys. I picked one of these up for $50, which will now be the main keyboard for the podcast rig, where the smaller form factor takes up less space.

I also pick up a Juiced USB 3.0 powered hub, and look at how to best disassemble and repair my Watts Up Pro power meter.

On the fun side, I finally brought the Orleans Deluxe board game to the table; it’s a thinky, point-salad game in the classic Euro mold. I’m also intimidated by Stellaris and excited by the Civilization 6 announcement.

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