PC Building Tips & Tricks

This week’s podcast focuses on the little things. David Bryant and I talk about tips and tricks for building a new PC, or rebuilding new PC tech into an old chassis. We discuss tools, lighting, and little hints we’ve learned along the way, over many PC builds. We also talk about topics such as build order, dealing with pesky non-standard cables, and how to conduct first POST.


Technology trickles down in areas outside of automobiles and mobile phones. Take blenders, for example. When my Breville blender abruptly stopped working, I needed a new one, and blenders have come a long ways, baby. Another prosaic tool that just got upgraded is the lowly case cooling fan. Corsair implemented magnetic levitation in their latest cooling fans, minimizing noise and extending fan life by requiring zero bearings. On the software side, I talk about 3DMark’s new DX12 option and a neat cloud-based photo filter app called Prisma.

David picks up a new lens for his Sony A6000, and yet another watch. He also talks about the Razer Kraken 7.1 USB gaming headset. And he finds out that tablets are actually getting easier to use for certain classes of productivity apps.


I kickstarted a really neat 4x boardgame called Scythe from Stonemaier games. Hear my AAR from the first play. It’s an interesting design, but can it really deliver? On the flip side, I didn’t Kickstart Satellite Reign, the real-time tactical game which claims to be the spiritual successor to the classic Syndicate. I did, however, pick it up on a 50% off sale on Steam, just after four-player co-op got added. Finally, I mention Stiletto, the sequel to Daniel O’Malley’s near-classic The Rook, which offered a unique spin on the fantasy espionage genre. Can Stiletto maintain the pace?

David and I also debate the merits of Fallout 4’s new DLC, and wonder if we’ll ever return to the game. He’s still pretty enamored with The Division, though. Meanwhile, I get on the Mr. Robot bandwagon even as David locks onto the season 2 premiere.

And we both are very much looking forward to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Here’s a shiny link to the celebration reel, released at the recent London Star Wars Celebration.

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