Our Holiday Wishlist of Unicorns

This is totally not a holiday gift guide. Some of these things exist now, some will exist in the near future, and some may never exist. It’s really a wish list of tech we’d like to see, and soon… and have! Think of this as our “if wishes were ponies” episode about what we’d really like to see come down the pipe soon. Our list ranges far and wide, including PC processors, automobiles, smart cameras, and more.


Listener Ryan Estrada noted that lots of us would be getting cool games under our virtual holiday trees this year. Many of us will discover that modern games don’t run particularly well, even with hardware that’s not particularly old. So for our tools section, we offer some ideas to help get over the gaming performance hump.

David and Eric both sound like their done with Evernote. The company seems to keep shooting itself in the foot, alienating one of the most loyal customer bases in the industry in the process. David talks about a few tools he used on his recent Hawaiian vacation, while Eric talks HDTVs, Xbox One S, tablets, and laptops.


David makes us all jealous when talking about his trip to Hawaii’s Big Island, including a jaunt up to one of the big telescopes on Mauna Kea. He also catches up on some reading and looks forward to movies… lots of movies. I talk about several new board games, diving back into Skyrim, and what I think of the Sixth Expanse novel. Eric discusses Amazon’s Grand Tour show — aka “Top Gear Redux”, his latest reading, and movies.

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