Moore’s Law is So Done

Moore’s Law is done. Get over it.


It’s podcast time, and this edition of Improbable Insights finds Eric and I mostly agreeing that Moore’s Law has seen a good run, but it’s time for it to ride off into the sunset.

There’s lots of evidence for this, and even if it’s technically transistor counts can continue to double every two years, Eric points out that economics may be the real driving force to the eventual device of this 50-plus year old rubric. For more detail, download the podcast and give it a listen.


What madness is this?

What madness is this?

I talk about the Beyerdynamic MMX 300, but also about why you might use a headset rather than speakers and a desktop microphone. I also note the weirdness with the connector configuration.

I also plug a couple of little-used Windows utilities, Sticky Notes and Snipping Tool.

Eric receives his Echo Dot, but hasn’t set it up yet. But he’s pretty excited, particularly about automating lighting control in his entire house. Eric’s also looking at building a PC for his son, which will also serve as the system for his HTC Vive VR headset.

Eric is slowly converging more on a pen-solution. Will he bolt to Windows? Who knows?


On the fun side, we’ve been playing more of The Division, which seems to get the third-person shooting mechanics right. We have heard doubts about the endgame longevity, but we’ve also yet to see upcoming content from Ubisoft.

Also, The Cold Darkness DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider dropped, and it’s pretty good zombie hunting fun, albeit bearing some similarity to RoTR’s Endurance Mode.

I also confess to ordering Battleship Gothic: Armada for no reason other than the amazing visuals.

Meanwhile, Eric lusts after an honest-to-FSM magic staff. But you’ll need to listen to see what he’s actually talking about.


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