Managing the Arrow of Time

How we value our time and our use of it can be an indicator of both success in life and how we value others. David, Eric, and I all work at three very different, demanding jobs, each with its own set of demands on time. How do we manage those demands? What meaning do we assign to life events in order to prioritize? What’s our philosophy about time and time management? We share our very different approaches and philosophies.


If you ever wanted to build a table out of any manner of surfaces but balked because you couldn’t find proper legs, we talk about one solution. Eric, David, and I also discuss the twin Microsoft and Apple announcements and marvel at how the two companies seem to have swapped places when it comes to appealing to creative types.

Both Eric and David ordered Apple Watch 2’s, a couple of weeks after I canceled my preorder. David got his and is still puzzling out what’s good and bad. Eric’s got a month to wait, however, All of us acquired Amazon Echo Dots and discuss our initial impressions.

The Apple announcements mean Eric may finally be abandoning MacOS for Windows. He’s close to ordering a Surface 4 Pro to serve as a tablet-like device with pen and also longs for… well, listen to the podcast.


I take the HTC Vive VR headset on the road and make a sale. Do I get a commission? I also listen to a number of audio books on my trip and talk about them. Because of my vacation, gaming time has been a little limited, though. David’s delved into the 1.4 patch for The Division and pronounces it golden. Both Eric and David love, love, love Westworld. If you’re interested in the book Eric describes on space transportation systems, you can check it out yourself.

We catch up on a lot of other entertaining moments over the past couple of weeks; check out our impressions of books, whiskey, Lego sets, and more.

Oh, and if you’re any kind of Star Wars fan, the short fan film Hoshino is excellent. Check it out.





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