Making the Most of Our Gaming Time

Welcome to the revised Improbable Insights podcast. I’ve streamlined it a bit, taking it from three sections to two. David, Eric, and I will try to keep the meaning section a little more tightly focused than in the past, drawing on our personal experiences to give insight and advice on tech and geek related matters.

Also, if you’ve been wondering how to subscribe to the podcast, here’s the RSS.

Now let’s check out episode 101, where we talk about making the most of the limited time we have for gaming.

The three of us have active careers and family lives, so finding time to fire up a video game or sit down with a tabletop game becomes an exercise in juggling schedules, squeezing in a mission or two, and getting out. We share our strategies and ideas for making the most of limited gaming time.

Tools and Fun

We combined Tools and Fun into a single section, which makes a lot of sense given that we often overlapped the sections anyway.

I talk about the recently released GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The new, $699 card came as no surprise, displacing the GTX 1080 as Nvidia’s high-end gaming card, thought the price drop for the GTX 1080 may be more interesting news for some. I also fool around with Nvidia Ansel, a nifty virtual camera for taking screenshots in games which support Ansel. On the gaming front, I’ve been playing Osiris: New Dawn, a space-based survival sandbox game which takes place in a real star system: Gliese 581. Think of the gameplay as “The Martian: The Video Game”.

I also finally bite the bullet and pick up a modern game console; PS4 Pro Ahoy!

David’s been having fun soldering… or more accurately, desoldering with his new Sparkfun 303D hot air rework station. On the gaming side, he fired up the beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands, which may become the LAN party game of choice for the Friday Night Follies crew. And David watched Star Trek: Beyond on a recent trip and has little good to say about it. But The Expanse remains great!

Eric cleared a full day on the 21st, when Mass Effect Andromeda ships; we may do a live stream of the pair of us in-game. He also wrapped up The Three Body Problem trilogy, finishing Death’s End. Eric also picked up Leviathan Wakes, the first volume of The Expanse series of novels. And he also talks about noise-canceling headphones and handheld game devices.




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