Keyboards, Mice, and More

This week’s podcast focuses on keyboards, mice, and other input devices. David’s been descending into the depths of keyboard tech, learning all about mechanical keys, the history of keyboards, and more. The parameters of keyboard choices have vastly expanded in the past few years. I talk about my choices in keyboards and mice, and why wireless gaming mouse is no longer an oxymoron.

Diving into tools, I talk about setting up the HTC Vive and my early impressions of the Fly12 action camera / headlight combo for bicycles. David details what he likes about his new Cannae Pro Gear backpack and MeFoto tripod. He also discusses a universal tool for package tracking, and the Particle Electron.

On the fun side, I discuss all the games I played at Kublacon, including the much ballyhooed Star Wars: Rebellion, probably one of the best two-player, asymmetric strategy games to come out in years. David talks about his trip to Make Faire and how he’s finally getting on the Witcher 3 bandwagon.




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