June Tech Grab Bag

David Bryant and I discuss a few recent tech news bits in this podcast. Topics include Intel’s recent Broadwell Extreme launch, Samsung’s bendable screen, Facebook as a game streaming platform, and AMD’s latest GPU.

On the tools side, I finally clean out my toolbag, and get on the GoPro bandwagon. I’ve also turned my two Sonos Play 1 speakers into a stereo pair, and like this configuration much better than using them as separate, standalone speakers.

David finds out the cyanoacrylate, aka superglue, works great on wood. And he once more dives into the intricacies of keyboards, going into amazing detail about why he swapped one Razer keyboard for another.

I fired up Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for the first time, and can see the end of the XCOM2 Ironman tunnel. Plus I’ve had some fun playing around with some more VR apps.

David, meanwhile, is hip deep in Game of Thrones, still likes The Division, and looks at even more watches. Hear it all on this week’s podcast.


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