Inspirations from Science Fiction

Elizabeth Case joins me this week as we talk about ideas from science fiction that have inspired us in our daily lives. Science fiction has been about “what happens if…” — but what we often forget is that it’s also about “what happens to people if…” We’d like to share some ideas from science fiction that inspired us in different ways — not always positive inspirations, to be sure, but inspirations that sent us in a (we hope) positive direction. 

We cover a wide range of media, including literature, graphic novels, television, games, and film. Titles discussed range include Neuromancer, Low, Nimona, Global Frequency, and Eclipse Phase. 


I’ve discovered the joys of tethered shooting with DSLRs, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. The sweet spot for me: Control My Nikon, a $29 application that allows me to preview and set up my D500 using a PC and shoot to my heart’s content. I also pick up a new headphone amplifier for the podcast.


Mass Effect Andromeda gets a release date: March 21st. Do I play through the original Mass Effect trilogy one last time, or not? I also discover a unique “police procedural” set in a somewhat mystical analog to feudal Japan.

Elizabeth and I went to see Hidden Figures. So should you. It’s fantastic.


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